Case Studies

Gamification is a proven method to effectively increase engagement. Below are some of the ways that gamification has been implemented by our exclusive gamification sponsor, Badgeville, in enterprise and online community/collaboration settings.



Recently, companies have invested in online communities to facilitate employee collaboration and customer self-service, but many organization struggle to keep their customers, partner, and employees engaged. Garner reports that nearly 72% of customers never log in to online communities and by 2014, 70% of online communities are predicted to fail.[1] Online business communities, such as those offered by Jive, Yammer, Sharepoint, and Lithium, have always been a great use case for gamification, as there are clear behaviors and interactions that can be used to motivate members. 


EMC is the world's largest provider of data storage systems[2] and offers data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics, cloud computing, and other products and services that enable businesses to store, manage, protect, and analyze data. Nearly four years ago, the global leader implemented social software from Jive to power communities across its ecosystem for employees, customers, and partners.


EMC Case Study

  • Getting users to post messages
  • Fill out profiles
  • Answer questions


  • Build RAMP: Recognition, Awards & Motivation Program
  • Configure hundreds of achievements for users to unlock
  • Enable missions to walk users through a sequence of relevant achievements


  • +10% documents created
  • +10% visits
  • +12% page views
  • +15% replies to discussion threads
  • +19% files downloaded
  • +41% videos watched
  • 21% increase in overall user activity[3]

"With Badgeville, we went from signing a contract to being 'Live' in about six weeks. It was a very fast for a company of our size. In addition to offering a flexible platform that was malleable to our needs, we found that Badgeville was incredibly consultative in the process. We fleet that we had an expert with regard to how to leverage gaming theory to drive community behavior and engagement." -Todd Forsythe, VP of Global Marketing, EMC



Kendall-Jackson Winery

Kendall-Jackson is based in Sonoma County and offers a range of acclaimed wines grown in the family's estate vineyards along the coastal ridges of California. The winery, maker of America's best-selling Chardonnay for more than 20 years, has a mobile app, K-J Recommends, for iOS and Android.

Challenge KJ Case Study

  • Increase consumer engagement
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Offer educational experience to costumers
  • Grow page views
  • Encourage repeat visits


  • Reward users for visiting new areas
  • Reward users for sharing links
  • Taking quizzes about wine and wine/food pairings
  • Earn points and badges through quizzes and missions


  • 8,200 new registered users
  • 27,000 more registered actions from users
  • 1,500 more social sharing actions
  • 15,000 more impressions on Facebook
  • +65% session frequency[4][5]

hunke"Using Badgeville's Behavior Platform, we've been able to rapidly grow and improve engagement and deliver an app experience that is both educational and rewarding for our customers. The updated K-J Recommends brings a new dimension of fun and discovery to Kendall-Jackson and our wines while helping build relationships with our friends and fans." -Jason J. Hunke, Senior VP, Communications, Kendall-Jackson

Deloitte Leadership Academy

The Deloitte Leadership Academy uses extensive online coursework containing a variety of consulting practice topics to make training more accessible for employees. This digital executive training program delivers lessons and insights to more than 50,000 executives at more than 150 companies worldwide. 


  • Getting Deloitte employees and client companies to log on Deloitte Case Study
  • Take courses
  • Continue corporate training despite busy work schedules


  • Give consultants instant feedback on progress
  • Guide along clear learning paths
  • Allow users to build reputation
  • Rank, rewards, missions, and leader boards


  • +46.6% users return daily
  • +36.3% users return weekly
  • 50% faster course completion
  • Average of 3 achievements unlocked per active user
  • Top users have earned ≥ 30 achievements[6]


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