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Welcome to the Secret Level of, the Partners Area!

Since creating in November of 2010, this wiki has went from being a small side-project for Gamify where we were collecting our own research, to now becoming the most visited resource for gamification. With your help, we can improve and bring it to the entire world -- making an impact on how people think and operate -- in business, education and more. Please check-out all the sections below and go through the Getting Started section when you are ready. This partners portal is an early WIP so let me know any questions you have.

Thank you all for your support, we truly appreciate it and are excited to have you all joining us as partners!

Not yet a partner? E-mail us at and let us know who you are and why you're interested in being a partner/how you can help.

Let's Gamify the World together! :)


Getting Started

Anywhere on this portal that we mention, that means your language's URL. Such as, /fr, etc.


Before you get started translating, please try to go through and complete this list!

  1. Bookmark this page as well as! :)
  2. New to editing wikis? Then first you should read Wiki 101. Or feel free to just return to this section at any time, for reference.
  3. Customize your profile. It will be seen everywhere and should reflect how you want others to perceive you. Edit it by going to Here is a decent example, feel free to copy as you like. **Note** All languages and wikis share the samer User Database, so you only need to do this once!
  4. Visit the discussion page and introduce yourself by editing the page and writing under the appropriate section. Leave a signature in the discussion by using ~~~~. It's good beginner practice.
  5. Setup notifications and your settings. This part is important to see new content people create on your wiki, and to be able to watch certian pages so you will be notified when they're changed.
  6. Read the Guidelines to understand what is acceptable and not when editing and translating the Gamification Wiki.
  7. Check the side-bar that shows the different partners. If there is another partner for your language, please reach out to them and communicate to work together!


Ready to get started?:) The guides below will help you.

  1. Initial Setup Guide
  2. Translation Guide
  3. Tweaking Guide


After you've translated the most important pages and built up some quality content, you can:

  1. Promote your Wiki!
  2. Read the Things to do list.


Our goals are simple:
  1. Translate the Gamification Wiki into every major language.
  2. Improve content(quality, quantity and breadth) in all languages.
  3. Promote -- increasing traffic and influence.
  4. as the #1 Google result for Gamification in every country.
  5. Everyone involved benefits by working together!


As a partner of, there are many opportunities and benefits available to you.
  • We are looking for help to build out vertical wikis with a focus on specific topics such as Education and Enterprise. If you're interested in helping with these, please let us know!
  • Your link in the Contribution Partners section of Will be listed alphabetically with link to your user profile + company name/url. If we find that some partners are contributing significantly more content than others, we can revise this guideline. For an example, please check out Template:SponsorsExample.
  • Have videos or want to create relevant video content? We have, just waiting to be used properly. E-mail with Youtube in Subject if you want us to consider adding your video. If you add a video on our Youtube, we will also promote it on and
  • Guest blog on If you have something you'd like to talk about -- in English, please e-mail us with Guest Blog in the subject.
  • We have setup @GamificationX for every country we're working with. We will find ways for everyone to leverage this to promote

Promoting Your Wiki

So you've translated at least the most important pages and are ready to tell the world. Now what? Use this list as a good way to get started promoting
  • Promote the Gamification Wiki on your website by adding a badge / link to on your website and anywhere else that it makes sense. It will bring the wiki traffic which helps us all, and credibility for you.
  • Promote on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #gamification. Let us know when your wiki is good to go and one time we will tweet it out on @Gamification -- but only once as we shouldn't tweet a lot for non-English content using that account. We have setup @GamificationX for those!
  • If you own a company, it's probably a good idea to do a press release in your country mentioning your company's participation in for your country. We will help to promote the press release. Note that press releases do not drive tons of traffic -- but they do help initial links to help boost Google rankings for the subject as well as to build credibility.
  • Promote usage of Google+, Facebook Like and Twitter on the page. The more social sharing we have, the more people will find the page and the more highly Google will rank it!
  • Setup Google Alerts to track talk about gamification, game mechanics, serious games or other relevant topics in your language and if you wish, English as well. Join in on the discussion with comments and when there is value, mention the Gamification Wiki. We have gotten many mentions just by contacting reporters who wrote stories and giving them value by telling them it could be a useful resource for their readers -- and for them, to make it easier to explain what gamification is.
  • Anything else you can think of! Every little bit helps for and Please feel free to edit and add your own ideas here.

For Fun..

Your initiation video... :)

Friendly Competition

  • We've setup a leaderboard of top contributors that will be displayed on the main wiki.
  • Each week we will tweet the top contributors for the prior week using @gamification.
  • Later we may use of Social Profile extension. which could be fun:)
  • Please just consider this a simple way to see your progress and friendly competition -- we're all in this together!
  • Please provide any feedback on this.


* Community Portal

Any valuable links to useful information for editing the wiki should go here.. or whatever else you think is a good resource!

  • Editing Tips
  • Wiki 101
  • Mediawiki - the software we use for this wiki.
  • Wikipedia - useful to see how others contribute and work together on the wiki as well as how they organize content.
  • Wikia - the for-profit version of Wikipedia. Cool website, could be inspirational to features we could add.


Legal Disclaimer: Nothing on this website should be considered to form a legally binding partnership. All parties work together without contract and in good faith as part of a web community.