Game Mechanic: Free Lunch

Free Lunch
Game Mechanic: Free Lunch

Free Lunch
From, you "benefit" from the work of others
Type Behavioral
Boosts Engagement, Loyalty, Revenue, Influence, Virality, Fun
Personality Type(s) Gamification-Diamond.pngAchievers, Gamification-Spade.jpgExplorers,
Gamification-Heart.pngSocializers, Gamification-Club.gifKillers
See Also Community Collaboration, Lottery, Discovery
A dynamic in which a player feels that they are getting something for free due to someone else having done work. It's critical that work is perceived to have been done (just not by the player in question) to avoid breaching trust in the scenario. The player must feel that they've 'lucked' into something.


Groupon. By virtue of 100 other people having bought the deal, you get it for cheap. There is no sketchiness because you recognize work has been done (100 people are spending money) but you yourself didn't have to do it.

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