Game Mechanic: Epic Meaning

Epic Meaning
Game Mechanic: Epic Meaning

Epic Meaning
Epicness in World of Warcraft
Type Behavioral
Boosts Engagement, Loyalty, Influence, Time Spent, Fun
Personality Type(s) Gamification-Diamond.pngAchievers, Gamification-Spade.jpgExplorers,
Gamification-Heart.pngSocializers, Gamification-Club.gifKillers
See Also Behavioral Momentum, Blissful Productivity
Players will be highly motivated if they believe they are working to achieve something great, something awe-inspiring, something bigger than themselves.

Traditional Gaming

From Jane McGonigal's Ted Talk where she discusses Warcraft's ongoing story line and 'epic meaning' that involves each individual has motivated players to participate outside the game and create the second largest wiki in the world to help them achieve their individual quests and collectively their epic meanings.

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