Game Mechanic: Discovery

Game Mechanic: Discovery

Exploration Achievements in World of Warcraft
Type Behavioral
Boosts Engagement, Loyalty, Influence, Time Spent, Fun
Personality Type(s) Gamification-Spade.jpgExplorers, Gamification-Diamond.pngAchievers
See Also Epic Meaning, Game Design
Also called Exploration, players love to discover something, to be surprised. This also can be seen in the Game Feature, Discovery. Discovery encourages players to discover new pages within a website. This drives up page views and time-on-site.

Example: In World of Warcraft, as players discover new lands they earn bonus experience points. Also there can even be special Achievements for Discovery.

How this applies to Gamification: An example of this would be to give the player a multiplier bonus based on how many new pages they read each week.

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