Game Mechanic: Appointments

Game Mechanic: Appointments

Type Feedback
Boosts Engagement, Influence, Time Spent
Personality Type(s) Gamification-Diamond.pngAchievers, Gamification-Spade.jpgExplorers,
See Also Game Design
Appointment Dynamics are game dynamics in which at a predetermined times/place a user must log-in or participate in game, for positive effect.


Traditional Gaming

In Farmville, players are required to return to harvest their crops after a specific amount of time has passed after planting. If they do not return within the specified time period, their crops can rot and the player will not earn the value for harvesting the crop.

Real Life

A very good example for appointment dynamic is the so called "Happy Hours", when you go to a bar in a predetermined time (e.x. between 20.00pm and 22:00pm), order one drink and get two.

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