Game Features

Game Features, also called Basic Game Elements, are used to help create Gameplay.

This page is a list of Game Features with each feature having a link to a page that has examples in traditional gaming as well as examples that apply to Gamification. Please join us on the Talk Page to join the discussion.



Activity Feed

Activity Feed The Activity Feed shows players what has been taking place in the gamification system overall. This shows the user that they are not alone an... More info


Avatars Avatars are unique representations for a player. Avatars usually represent a customizable picture to represent the player in many visual ways ac... More info

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs Easter Eggs are an intentional hidden message, in-joke or feature in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program, web page or v... More info


Instances Instances are created for players to have a unique experience that is outside the normal experience. When a player creates a special unique pag... More info


Leaderboards Leaderboards are a means by which users can track their performance, subjective to others. Leaderboards visually display where a user stands i... More info


Notifier The Notifier is a direct way to give the user direct feedback about their progress, change of status in the gameplay experience etc. These noti... More info

User Profile

User Profile User Profile displays a User's data about their activity on a website and can be used to tell the world and a community on the internet who they... More info

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