Game Feature: Leaderboards

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Leaderboards are a means by which users can track their performance, subjective to others. Leaderboards visually display where a user stands in regards to other users. Leaderboards can be broken down into several subcategories such as: Global, Friends, Relative, Isolated etc.





A Global Leaderboard shows where the player is in relation to everyone on the site. A Friends Leaderboard shows the player where they are in relation to just their friends list.

The Global Leaderboards are generally only applicable to the top 15-20 players on a site. This is a very tiny segment, yet highly engaged segment of traffic.

The Friends Leaderboards spikes up social engagement significantly, as the list of players to compete is much smaller, and the players have an emotional connection with the other players in which they are competing.

Leaderboards often compete over points, but can be fuel for competition in many arenas. Some examples of Leaderboard competitions are:

  • Points
  • Levels
  • Achievements
  • Speed
  • Friends List
  • Biggest Spenders

Traditional Gaming

In World of Warcraft, after each PvP match there is a leaderboard posted, inspiring the players to engage as deeply as possible during each match.


Leaderboards are implemented on sites to show which players have unlocked the most achievements. The desire to appear on the Leaderboards drives players to earn more achievements, in turn fueling deeper engagement.

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