Badgeville is the leader in the gamification industry. With hundreds of global customers, Badgeville offers a PaaS for web and mobile sites to measure and influence user behavior. This technology brings Game Mechanics, Reputation Mechanics, and Social Mechanics to industry leaders and innovators including American Express, Deloitte, Samsung, EMC, Bell Media, Kendall-Jackson, Marketo, and more.


Behavior Platform: Badgeville builds more personalized, rewarding experiences for customers and employees on their websites, enterprise applications, social networks, and communities. This platform helps to create a program for user engagement that increases customer loyalty and enhances employee performance by rewarding users, elevating their status, providing social proof, and analyzing success.

Badgeville for Communities: The Badgeville for Communities solution adds game, reputation, and social mechanics to leading community and collaboration products. The addition of Badgeville for Communities to a business allows for rewarding of desired behavior patterns to boost engagement. This creates a momentum in online communities by rewarding quality content and meaningful collaboration. Key Badgeville for Communities features include: Extensive Platform Support, Portable Reputation Across Multiple Communities, and Out-of-the-box Setup Unparalleled App Support. This solution provides gamification features to businesses with one major benefit: they are ready to run without any code being written.

The company offers integrations of its platform with third-party platforms and software including Jive Software, Yammer, Zendesk, Salesforce, Sharepoint and Bazaarvoice.

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