Badgeville brings together the industry’s leading enterprise gamification platform, design expertise, and a very rich customer community to help you build a world-class engagement program.

In less than three years, Badgeville have grown to become the largest gamification provider in the market thanks to hundreds of our global customers. After careful evaluations, these customers have chosen Badgeville over first-generation platforms and point solutions. Here's why:

Award-Winning Gamification Platform. Awarded by SIIA’s prestigious cloud awards, the CODiEs, as the Best Platform as a Service in 2013, Badgeville’s Platform provides the most robust set of engagement mechanics and behavior analytics tools to measure, influence, and reward user behaviors across all of your websites, mobile apps and enterprise applications.

Badgeville is designed with enterprise and large-scale business needs in mind. It is:

  • Sophisticated. Badgeville’s robust suite of gamification offerings is the industry’s leading solution to drive long-term engagement and deliver rich, data-driven user experiences everywhere.  The Badgeville Platform is much more than rudimentary point, badge and leaderboard systems.
  • Flexible. Badgeville empowers you to analyze behaviors and modify your gamification program in real-time, delivering better user experiences and saving businesses tens of thousands of dollars compared to home-grown approaches and first-generation platforms.
  • Comprehensive. Badgeville's Platform has been built from the ground up to facilitate wall-to-wall gamification across your websites and applications, helping you manage a global reputation and rewards system from one unified interface.

Unsurpassed Industry Recognition. In 2013 alone, Badgeville has earned more than 12 industry recognitions and awards including Gartner CRM, Forrester Cool Vendor, Edison Innovaton Award, CODiE best cloud platform-as-a-service, and many more.

The Largest Integration Catalog. Badgeville easily integrates into your home grown websites and applications, as well as dozens of popular packaged applications including Salesforce.com, Sharepoint, IBM Connections, Jive Software, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and more.

Deepest Game Design Expertise.  Gamification programs only succeed if they are designed properly. With backgrounds in behavioral psychology, game design, customer loyalty and business process management, Badgeville offers the largest team of designers and producers who understand what motivates users for the long term. Our gamification designers have honed their skills at renowned game design studios such as Electronic Arts, Zynga and Playdom.


The Largest Partner EcosystemBadgeville has amassed the largest system integrator and agency partner ecosystem to deploy wall-to-wall gamification solutions across the Global 2000. Our strategic partners driving digital transformation initiatives include Capgemini, Accenture, Deloitte Consulting, Tata Consulting Services, Cognizant,  and many others.


The Largest Active Customer Community. In under three years, Badgeville has grown into the largest gamification company serving hundreds of world-class brands including American Express, Samsung, Expedia, EMC, HSN, Microsoft, and Oracle. Our customers have rewarded more than 50M users and tracked Billions of user behaviors. With Badgeville’s active customer community, you can leverage best practices to ensure the most successful engagement program that supports your business objectives.

Real Business Results:


  • 50% increase in community loyalty
  • 4x customer advocates
  • 400% more customer reviews
  • 85% increase in training completion times
  • 70% increase in employee engagement
  • 5x increase in social sharing

What Our Customers Say About Us:

“The Behavior Platform has enabled us to incentivize specific user behaviors while creating a rewarding, vibrant community for all of our clients.”

Heather Watkins, Director, Customer Marketing

"If you can gamify the process, you are rewarding the behavior and it's like a dopamine release in the brain. Humans like a game."

Frank Farrall, Lead Partner, Deloitte Digital

“Badgeville has enabled us to exceed our goals in trial downloads for our initial campaign. The Behavior Platform’s flexibility has also enabled us to expand our gamification program and test new ways to successfully engage our customers across our flagship products such as AutoCAD.”

Dawn Wolfe, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Autodesk

"Badgeville has enabled us to engage our customers more in ways beyond just looking at a product and buying it. One of the main reasons we selected Badgeville to power our advanced gamification experience was that no other vendor had the same robust, granular capabilities to configure and reward user behaviors."

Neil Gandhi, Senior Software Engineer, sneakpeeq

“Badgeville’s suite of flexible enterprise gamification programs is unique in its comprehensive approach to motivating behavior and engagement. Their big-picture vision, product, and expert team are among the best in the industry, which is why we have chosen to partner with them for our online community program.”

Michelle Accardi, VP of ePlatforms Marketing, CA Technologies.

"The key to our program was identifying behaviors fans were already performing, and rewarding them appropriately for those contributions."

Bill Hussey, CTO

"Gamification requires complex capabilities to create rewards and incentives that are meaningful to use. Partnering with Badgeville on this initiative has allowed us to get to market significantly faster and deploy the best of breed technology with minimal investment."

Rory Cameron, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development - CallidusCloud

"Badgeville injected powerful game mechanics into our user community, motivating them to share meaningful content and spend exponentially more time on our site than ever before."

Eric Bahn, Director of Product Management, Hobsons

“Gamification is now part of how our talented support team communicates with customers and employees. Powered by Badgeville and Zendesk, we were able to deploy a powerful rewards and recognition experience across our customer and employee-facing support programs in just a few short weeks.”

Bill Platt, VP - Operations, Engine Yard

“With The Behavior Platform, we have the power to understand all the behaviors our users perform across our ecosystem, and put meaningful rewards in place that recognize their participation. In doing so, we can move the needle on key business processes in PHX that keep them aligned with our vision for continually delivering a world-class product that serves their health cost management needs.”

Leo Garneau , Chief Marketing Officer

"Badgeville has helped us engage our users more deeply on our sites. Rewarding their participation with enhanced rank and reputation has encouraged them to connect with more artists under the Interscope label."

Lee Hammond, Vice President of Digital, Interscope Records

“We decided it was important to implement Badgeville because gamification really tied closely to the ultimate behaviors that we seek in our programs: learning and choosing the best method of birth control.”

Larry Swiader, Sr. Director of Digital Media, Nat'l Campaign to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy

“The Badgeville platform integrated quickly and easily into our existing site, allowing us to add the program with relatively little IT investment.”

Christopher Krohn, President and Chief Marketing Officer at Restaurant.com

“Keeping students engaged is critical to a successful learning experience, and we found that the behaviors gamification promotes could easily enhance our curriculum by encouraging more quality participation”

Dr. David DeHaven, Dean of the School of Information Technology, Kaplan University

"Using Badgeville’s Behavior Platform, we’ve been able to rapidly grow and improve engagement and deliver an app experience that is both educational and rewarding for our customers. The updated K-J Recommends brings a new dimension of fun and discovery to Kendall-Jackson and our wines while helping build relationships with our friends and fans."

Jason J. Hunke, Senior Vice President, Communications · Jackson Family Wines