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Badgeville Launches New Data Platform to Motivate Change

MotivationMetrics™ Unlocks Unprecedented Insights in
Gamification, Performance & Recognition

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (February 4, 2016)— Badgeville, the global leader in digital motivation, today announced the launch of MotivationMetrics™, the first of its kind data discovery and analytics platform that provides gamification, performance and recognition insights across an organization.

Badgeville’s digital motivation platform integrates with applications that customers and employees use, gathering data from hundreds of sources including mobile, Twitter, Facebook, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), social collaboration and human capital management applications. MotivationMetrics builds on Badgeville’s platform to offer program and business sponsors rich visualizations that highlight the engagement journey, demonstrate ROI and showcase organizational performance.

“There is a wide range of analytics tools that help slice and dice data, but much of it lives within the conventional silos of BI, CRM and other monolithic platforms—there’s no way to see what influences engagement across the systems, nor do these tools tell you how to drive improvement,” said Steve Sims, chief design officer at Badgeville. “That’s where MotivationMetrics is different. It not only lets you see what rewards users are achieving on the Badgeville platform, it also visualizes behaviors and who’s performing what to give you definitive recommendations and strategies to help you achieve business outcomes.”

In gamification, and in business, motivating people to perform desired behaviors is key to success. It is also critical that customers and employees demonstrate those behaviors across systems and environments. Together with Badgeville Enterprise Plus, MotivationMetrics pulls data from multiple program sources, providing multi-dimensional measurement, visibility and a clear path to improve outcomes. Even within a single program, MotivationMetrics goes beyond traditional gamification reporting, showcasing individual, team and organizational performance.

MotivationMetrics includes the MotivationONE Data Service, allowing customers an outbound data feed to bring gamification data into existing business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics solutions. This enables better organizational results, more accurate benchmarking and streamlines the recommendations for next best actions.

For example, companies can:

MotivationMetricsTM includes over 40 pre-built reports that slice and combine program data and present it across three dimensions—gamification progress, performance and recognition.  Using familiar BI taxonomy that measures recency, frequency and impact, MotivationMetrics provides a continuous feedback loop with easy-to-use dashboards, intuitive self-service reports and rich visualizations.

Companies can use this three-dimensional motivation scorecard to take direct action via the Badgeville platform to improve how each program, organization, player and team measures up, and reward, promote or coach key participants to influence outcomes and track measurable impact in real time. MotivationMetrics is built upon a robust Hadoop-based infrastructure that leverages Tableau for interactive visualizations, Spark for sliding window segmentation, Impala for queries, Hive for ETL, Kafka, HBase and other technologies to support the millions of activities a single company may generate each day.

“We recognize the growing importance of gamification data to leaders at all levels. Today’s leader needs data and insights that go beyond mere engagement. No other solution can connect all of these pieces of the puzzle to show the impact digital motivation has on performance and recognition across the enterprise,” said Jon Shalowitz, CEO, Badgeville. “With the Badgeville platform and MotivationMetrics, customers and business owners can identify and motivate the key behaviors that help companies achieve their business goals with a compelling ROI.”

For more information and a demonstration on MotivationMetrics, join Badgeville for their next webcast.


About Badgeville
Badgeville digitally motivates all types of people to achieve their business goals in systems across the enterprise. By motivating customers, employees, and partners to perform their best individually and in teams, Badgeville is fundamentally changing the way people work. With hundreds of deployments as the leader in enterprise gamification, Badgeville empowers Customer and Employee journeys, by increasing audience engagement and personal reputation for industry leaders and innovators including American Express, Samsung, Walmart, Kendall Jackson and more.

Founded in 2010, Badgeville is based in Redwood City, CA and New York City. To learn more follow @Badgeville or visit www.badgeville.com.


With every passing year, the workplace demands more from its workers, it seems every job now requires technical expertise, multi-departmental collaboration and an ability to manage multiple moving parts in a constantly shifting environment.

But just as the workplace is demanding more from the worker, the worker is demanding more from the workplace. Workers desire purpose, challenge, growth and meaning in exchange for their time and effort. The best workers expect a curated experience designed to enrich and expand their careers.

Badgeville’s Reputation Center addresses this need and brings together the various threads of an employee’s growth into a single, easily managed tool.


gamification for employee onboarding

The Reputation Center On-boards

New employees want to hit the ground running. A new job can be intimidating and confusing and the earliest days of an employee’s time can set the tone for months, if not years to come. With proper gamified onboarding, the days of spinning your wheels for the first week are a thing of the past.

Design customized onboarding tracks by department and role. Set goals and early feedback, steer new hires to important resources and success milestones. Make the first impression a good impression, for both employee and organization.


gamification for compliance training

The Reputation Center Trains

The days of learning one task and repeating it for years are long gone. Each corporation caries with it a library of policies, best practices and proprietary knowledge. Training employees can be daunting and often, a few months in, new hires stop learning, caught up in the daily grind.

Gamified learning builds employee status on the back of short term and long-term goals. Make extended learning a priority and a desired means of differentiation.



The Reputation Center Manages Performance

Every business includes repetitive tasks. Whether it’s the core of a customer services department or simply asking sales executives to follow travel expense policy, it can be hard to motivate workers to keep up a consistent level of effort.

Performance management systems track cyclical performance against personal, collaborative and competitive goals. Whether you pit employees against their previous best or team against team, performance management encourages a constant best regardless of how procedural or repetitive the work may be.


gamification for learning and development

The Reputation Center Enhances Collaboration

Work is increasingly managed online in collaborative software where employees are able to message each other, collaborate and share files and customer records.

While this kind of online collaboration can bring efficiency, workers often feel under-recognized for their online contributions and may disengage. A gamified status system recognizes online collaboration and contribution with even more consistency and fairness than previous off-line methods.



The Reputation Center Informs Management Decisions

In the era of big data, workplace analytics inform the most important top-level corporate decisions. The data generated by gamified systems identifies the best managers, policies and departments and how are they doing it. Executive management can look to the numbers to improve organizational efficiency and bottom-line performance.