Services Excellence
Digital Motivation for Services Excellence

Investment in resources for driving collaboration can drive great results.

Integrating gamification elements within the existing business processes of call and service centers can not only drastically improve the productivity of employees but also increase call deflection and keep customers engaged with the brand.

Service Center Excellence

Service Center reps have the important job of helping your customers with challenges. They need constant training and support to do their jobs well. Gamification is used in call center operations to improve knowledge, sharing, team identity and resolution times. Badgeville’s Enterprise Plus solution powers some of the largest global service centers.

gamification for service center excellence

gamification for employee onboarding

Structure and Achievement around Onboarding

Help people understand not just where they are, but where they are going, and help them see what happens when they win. Many employees have come to expect a certain level of feedback and interactive play in their workplace platforms, so gamification strategies should be implemented to fit members based on job functions or demographics. Combined with a gamified online community or knowledge base, these efforts will result in long-term boosts in customer and employee satisfaction.

Recognize Success in Real-Time

An advanced gamification program will provide a reputational record for employees to see how they have won in the past, and allows companies to easily extend this concept to employees whether in the office or remote. Members can earn rewards or statuses by completing actions, such as completing training or resolving a certain number of inquiries. With MotivationMetrics™, analytics about staff actions and interactions provide a deeper look into the gamification program, allowing managers to tweak the program as needed. Through a Universal Reputation model and GameViews, Badgeville intrinsically motivates through reward accumulation, connecting members to the best users available to help. It also rewards those who help the most by recognizing them for it, across the applications they use in the enterprise. Badgeville comes with configurable visualizations that address the particular needs of each audience.


gamification for compliance training

Accelerate Training

Gamification can be used to encourage staff members to take management training classes above and beyond their current position.  Motivate employees to consume material to keep them compliant and current in order to meet the company’s obligations. Incentivize people to complete learning activities, validate their accomplishments and build their reputation.

Career Paths and Development

Provide multiple pathways for learning and development for any employee through branded missions. Missions also allow organizations to reward and recognize wins along the way and guide the employee journey. While system level badges work well for task completion, missions reinforce key behaviors, support long-term success and align interests among all employees.

gamification for learning and development