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Badgeville for Modern Performance Management

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Performance Management in the modern era looks a lot different than it did 5, 10 or 20 years ago.  Today, the annual, quarterly or monthly review system is dying. People are completing more and more of their work on digital systems.  And, the demands of the modern employee are constant and immediate. The modern employee wants feedback in the moment.  That same employee wants up to the minute status on career and professional progress. “Waiting” for that feedback or “failing” to communicate progress is not an option.

Sales Performance & Forecasting

Sales professionals like to spend their time selling, not working with your CRM system.  But you need good CRM sales data and solid forecasts to run your business. Gamification motivates sales professionals to follow your sales process and visually rewards them for doing so. Badgeville has integrated with Salesforce™ so that any Salesforce™ Admin can quickly and easily add gamification to Sales Cloud or Service Cloud.


gamification for service center excellence

Service Center Excellence

Service Center reps have the important job of helping your customers with challenges. They need constant training and support to do their jobs well. Gamification is used in call center operations to improve knowledge, sharing, team identity and resolution times. Badgeville’s Enterprise Plus solution powers some of the largest global service centers.

Increase Retention

The average inside sales organization faces 33% annual turnover. The best way to combat this is to change the way sales team work, and foster a more engaging workplace where employees of all ages want to be. Gen Zers reportedly seek continuous feedback to improve their performance and productivity. So there needs to be a way to engage the new generation of workers. Based on numerous studies, providing immediate feedback, recognition, and showing clear career paths are ways to engage and retain today’s employees.

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Motivate and Measure Sales Success

Gamification is about motivation. It’s about taking the interplay of goals, challenges, rewards and status and applying it to business processes. Since employees spend most of their time online or in applications, Digital Motivation is what best drives performance.

Most sales apps don’t give salespeople a way to measure their progress towards a goal, which makes midstream adjustments very difficult. Salespeople have to wait until they’ve either reached or failed to reach their goals to see measurements. Unlike single point solutions, Badgeville’s system captures and aggregates the total rewardable universe, allowing companies to identify specific behaviors that lead to results. For example, with Badgeville, companies can correlate sales training with deal velocity to gain a more complete picture of what works—and what doesn’t—to drive sales performance. With GameViews, companies can see a salesperson’s performance at every point in their journey, from onboarding to selling and everywhere inbetween.

Quota Achievement

Companies are facing an unprecedented engagement crisis. Gallup reported that 71% of employees are either “not engaged,” with or “actively disengaged,” from their work. This lack of productivity is not unique to sales organizations, but it’s a particular danger to them, as sales productivity translates directly into revenue. Companies simply must keep sales employees motivated to achieve revenue goals, and organizations have seen a 7% drop in quotas met.  Badgeville Enterprise Plus is highly effective tool for organizations to engage and motivate sales employees. It augments the traditional output based, reinforcement-heavy, sales management mindset with a framework that drives important sales success actions, helping and motivating salespeople to reach their goals.

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Increased Collaboration through CRM Integration

Sales employees have little incentive to input and share the data that CRM installations need to be effective. Gamification and Digital Motivation helps engage sales employees and improve collaboration among teams by allowing sales management to reward the behaviors that drive company goals and provide positive reinforcement during the sales process, and provides flexible and deep integration with CRM systems. Companies can realize increased productivity, faster conversions, faster sales cycles and increased forecast accuracy. More simply, companies can realize more value from their CRM investments. Plus, because the gamification is embedded in the CRM, it can promote the exact sales process behaviors needed to create consistent success. Employees, for their part, gain recognition for their achievements and get to have a bit more fun while doing the things that help them reach individual and company goals.