Digital Transformation

Badgeville for Learning and Development

Delivering Digital Motivation to Learning and Development

People are at the heart of every organization. People come to work to be rewarded, recognized and to learn, grow and achieve. A report from the Deloitte University Press stated, “Today’s effective learning and development organizations should strive to become facilitators of learning and curators of content, not just developers and deliverers of training programs.” Badgeville adds a digital motivation layer to your existing people applications, motivating users to complete tasks, and participate through these systems.

Accelerate Learning and Measure Training Effectiveness

Motivate employees to consume material to keep them compliant and current in order to meet the company’s obligations. Incentivize people to complete learning activities, validate their accomplishments and build their reputation. Incentivize participation and completion in Skillsoft eLearning programs.  Using MotivationMetrics, correlate product sales to training on those products. Tie increased sales confidence to training taken. Show where training has impact on pipeline generation and sales.  Identify areas of improvement.

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Build Expertise

Badgeville Enterprise Plus provides an employee a path for learning and development. Expertise Tracks allow individual employees to earn recognition for key skill sets, unique knowledge and related achievements. This enables the organization to leverage the “best athlete”, utilize flash teams, and collaborate more effectively. This also enables organizations to quickly build skills in growing fields.

Build Career Paths

Badgeville provides multiple pathways for learning and development for any employee through missions. Missions also allow organizations to reward and recognize wins along the way and guide the employee journey. While system level badges work well for task completion, missions reinforce key behaviors, support long-term success and align interests among all employees.

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Immediate Feedback

Provide Immediate Feedback

Badgeville provides immediate feedback for completing learning activities. It reinforces value of the activity and feeling of success through real time pop-up notifications. Social Streaming creates a positive force in cultural transformation. Through Badgeville’s social streams, employees can see real time what others have done.

Recognize People for their Achievements

To achieve long-term employee engagement, Badgeville uses intrinsic motivators that validate the employee’s story of personal growth and purpose. Tools such as validation and reputation can be more effective than purely external motivators such as monetary rewards. Through a Universal Reputation model and GameViews, Badgeville intrinsically motivates through reward accumulation, connecting members to the best users available to help. It also rewards those who help the most by recognizing them for it, across the applications they use in the enterprise. Badgeville comes with configurable visualizations that address the particular needs of each audience.

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