Employee Collaboration and Culture Change
Employee Collaboration and Innovation

With Badgeville digital motivation, companies can see improved collaboration,
performance at work, increased retention and employee well being.

63% of global workers are not engaged in the workplace. That represents $500B in lost productivity and higher attrition. The workforce is changing, and we’re in a new era where employee experience matters. Deloitte research has shown that “Organizations with a strong sense of purpose are more confident in their growth prospects.”  And those who don’t feel that strong sense of purpose are not afraid to leave.

So the question is how do you get employees to share ideas and innovate? With Badgeville digital motivation, companies can see improved collaboration, performance at work, increased retention and employee well being. Everyone wins—employees are happier, customers have better customer experience and companies have better performance.

More than ever, companies understand that more is needed to make their community and collaboration platform work. They need to increase adoption of these collaboration platforms and communities in order to increase collaboration and innovation.

Focus on continuous engagement

To achieve long-term employee engagement, Badgeville uses intrinsic motivators that validate the employee’s story of personal growth and purpose. Tools such as validation and reputation can be more effective than purely external motivators such as monetary rewards. Through a universal reputation model, Badgeville intrinsically motivates through reward accumulation, connecting members to the best users available to help. It also rewards those who help the most by recognizing them for it, across the applications they use in the enterprise. Badgeville comes with configurable visualizations that address the particular needs of each audience.

Long-term engagement is generally the right design monitored and upgraded over time. As a result, companies create rewards that are personalized and fresh, resulting in a much stickier user experience. Profile-level fields enable you to personalize games for users based on any number of characteristics (e.g. role, location, level of expertise).

To ensure your employee engagement lasts, Badgeville provides MotivationMetrics to regulate program performance.

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Recognize People for Impact and Influence

Unlike narrowly focused recognition programs, Badgeville enables companies to address all types of people, in any role, using any application. By tracking specific behaviors and personalizing rewards by role or user, Badgeville can motivate multiple audiences, targeting the needs of each while covering the needs of all.
Depending on the type of person and how s/he is motivated, recognition is delivered.  For example, competitive people may be motivated when they are recognized through leaderboards.  Others are motivated by seeing their progress through levels of expertise.  Through Badgeville GameViews and in-application visualizations, people can see all their achievements across the systems they use.

Provide Immediate Feedback

Badgeville provides immediate feedback for valued activities and achievements. It reinforces value of the activity and feeling of success through real time popup notifications

Social Streaming creates a positive force in cultural transformation. Through Badgeville social streams, employees can see real time what others have done. As a result, collaboration grows by recognizing individuals in how they can help one another. This leads to the sharing of new ideas and innovation.

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Increase Adoption and Collaboration with Digital Motivation

Badgeville Enterprise Plus is a multi-level digital motivation platform. Badgeville Enterprise Plus provides the industry’s most robust, most effective, enterprise gamification engine and combines that with rich visualizations, deep analytics and a robust infrastructure.  The platform supports a wide range of enterprise applications, including community, collaboration, automated workflow systems, learning and development platforms, automated human capital management and more.  The platform’s unique capabilities enable companies to reward the broadest range of behaviors, recognize social activities, operationalize analytics and digital reputation.