Employee Onboarding

Digital Transformation, Meet Digital Motivation

Digital Motivation allows enterprises to get most out of new online, collaboration, social and mobile platforms.

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With Badgeville,
we went from signing a contract to being ‘Live’ in about six weeks. It was very fast for a company
of our size. In addition to offering a flexible platform that was malleable to
 our needs, we found that Badgeville was incredibly consultative in the process. We felt that we had an expert with regard to
how to leverage gaming theory to drive community behavior and community engagement.
– Todd Forsythe, VP of Global Marketing, EMC


Workforce Effectiveness

Workforce effectiveness takes systems.  Systems automate workflows, capture data and streamline processes. To get the most out of these systems, workers – the people that use and interact with platforms – need engagement and digital motivation that rewards adoption, use and achievement. With Badgeville, workforce effectiveness is solved with out unique digital motivation and digital reputation solution set.Digital motivation rewards your employees for proper and effective use of your systems. Digital reputation records and attributes successful performance to individuals, teams and groups across your organization. Together, these solutions offer your organization a powerful tool to keep employees engaged, productive, happy and loyal.

Performance Improvement

People spend approximately 80% of their workday on automated, social and collaboration platforms. In fact, the average employee performs their work on a minimum of 4-5 sanctioned applications in the workplace daily.  To improve performance, the modern enterprise must record and reward everywhere the employee works, learns, collaborates and contributes. Badgeville’s Digital Motivation solution records and rewards across any number of digital touch points, delivering “in the moment” validation on key activities, behaviors and KPIs attained by the employee, team or group. By publishing streams natively or to other applications, the Badgeville solution also creates a culture of achievement. Using Digital Reputation, multiple systems can be combined in to a universal reward framework to deliver transformational change at your organization.