Gamification for Customer Engagement

Online communities and mobile applications offer businesses the opportunity to create customer intimacy, offer better support and drive customer, partner and employee collaboration.

“Using Badgeville, Melbourne Storm saw a 38% increase in page impressions, and by running missions they saw an increase of over 52% in activity when compared to a normal week, with 60% of that being rewarded activity. We also saw a 40% growth from last year in average spend per user, and saw a 91% growth in average pregame spend.”  
– Ben Dunn, Commercial Director at Melbourne Storm

Melbourne Storm

“Using Badgeville’s Behavior Platform, we’ve been able to rapidly grow and improve engagement and deliver an app experience that is both educational and rewarding for our customers. The updated K-J Recommends brings a new dimension of fun and discovery to Kendall-Jackson and our wines while helping build relationships with our friends and fans.”
— Jason J. Hunke, Senior Vice President, Communications


Forbes reported that 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience. And according to Forrester, a 10% improvement in a company’s customer experience score can translate into more than $1 billion. Customers now more than ever are doing their research, making purchases and interacting with companies online. It is imperative that companies engage their customers online, in communities and through mobile devices.

Kimpton Karma Gamification

Customer Loyalty and Engagement

While traditional loyalty programs often focus on transactions alone, brand loyalty today is built by creating affiliation online and through mobile applications.  Melbourne Storm and other companies use Badgeville Enterprise Plus to increase engagement with members online.  They are use MotivationMetrics to recognize members for advocated the brand and bringing in new members through their networks.

Customer Communities

According to Gartner, nearly 72% of customers never login to customer communities, despite the large investments made by companies to engage their customers and provide them with key information. As online communities struggle to gain adoption, companies miss out on increased customer loyalty and intimacy. Badgeville’s gamification drives desired community actions such as adding content, asking questions and sharing expertise, while rewarding your customers for their interactions. With GameViews, companies and customers can see a customer’s performance at every point in their journey, from initial engagement to repeat sales.

Customer Engagement

USAA Savings Coach Mobile Application

Customer Self-Service

Customers have high expectations for support and want instantaneous answers. When knowledgeable customers are encouraged to create content about your product or service, customers can support each other. Expert answers provided by your customers are only a quick search away.  Not only does this increase customer satisfaction, it saves support costs.  Badgeville’s gamification engages, identifies and profiles your customers’ champions so you can promote your experts.