Whitepaper: Supercharge Your Sales Team with Digital Motivation

supercharge sales with gamificationGamification and digital motivation help engage sales employees and improve collaboration among teams by allowing sales management to reward the behaviors that drive company goals and provide positive reinforcement during the sales process, instead of simply reacting once the results are in and relying on punishment for a lack of performance.

In reality, sales organizations are already familiar with basic forms of gamification, such as leaderboards and President’s Clubs for top performers. Incorporating a modern gamification program such as Badgeville Enterprise Plus provides flexible and deep integration with CRM systems. Companies can realize increased productivity, faster conversions, faster sales cycles and increased forecast accuracy. More simply, companies can realize more value from their CRM investments. Plus, because the gamification is embedded in the CRM, it can promote the exact sales process behaviors needed to create consistent success. Employees, for their part, gain recognition for their achievements and get to have a bit more fun while doing the things that help them reach individual and company goals.

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