The Behavior Lab Methodology

Gamification Research & Innovation

Driving innovation and delivering best practices in the gamification industry. The Badgeville Behavior Lab drives thought leadership through the organization and the industry in a number of ways including: → The Identification of trends that align with gamification and behavior management experiences, and how those trends can be applied to product vision and development. → Driving best practices in the design and application of the Badgeville Platform for customers and their verticals based on their vast expertise in Game and System and UI/UX Design. → Using its expertise in behavior management, analytics and data science to to analyze customer programs and drive higher levels of insight, control and success.

Behavior Solutions Methodology

The Behavior Lab publishes and evangelizes a proven methodology for successful gamification program design that reduces design and implementation risks. The Behavior Lab team created its tried and true Behavior Solutions Process (BSP) methodology with a focus on execution and delivering sustainable business results. The process was created with the goal of enabling a successful implementation and increasing speed to value. At every point of the Behavior Solution Process, customers know where they are and what the next steps are going to be. The BSP assigns expert gamification producers for design and project management and technical architects (technical support), to guide you along the way to a successful experience. In addition the BSP was created with reviews and check points stationed at key parts of the process to ensure a successful outcome.

Behavior Solutions Templates

Built on the most sophisticated, flexible comprehensive platform on the market. The Behavior Lab has created a number of Behavior Solution Templates to help aid in the speed and quality of customer and partner deployments. The Behavior Lab is laser focused on understanding the approaches, features , and methodologies that will lead to quality and faster speed to value. Through its investigation and research, The Behavior Lab researched areas and approaches where gamification is most effective. Areas such as Social Loyalty, Community, Education and Learning, as well Performance Management can benefit greatly from the mechanics and approaches realized through the Badgeville platform. To compliment the Badgeville Platform, the Behavior Lab has created a number of solution templates that guide the designs, mechanics and visualizations used in the experience. Templates can be extended and tuned extensively on a customer on customer basis. This flexibility provides a unique opportunity to delivery a highly customized customer program while still implementing the program in a quick and highly efficient manner. Example solution templates include: Tracked Education, Forum Conversation Starter, Earned Loyalty and Sales Productivity just to name a few. Lastly, the flexibility of the solution template technology allows Badgeville to easily create new solution templates as new use cases or as variations arise.

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