Data Discovery and Analytics Service

MotivationMetrics™ produces actionable insights at the application, project, user and group level. Using pre-built reports and industry leading visualizations, companies have actionable insight into user activities, project progress, user success and milestones across applications.

MotivationMetrics™ Takes Engagement Insights to a New Level

Badgeville’s MotivationMetrics™is powerful data discovery and analytics that gives businesses and organizations the the ability to see, analyze and report earned achievements, program performance, and participant behavior on the Badgeville platform. Together with Badgeville Enterprise Plus, MotivationMetrics™offers the insight to action necessary to ensure the continued success of your Badgeville engagement program.

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MotivationMetrics™ works with Badgeville Enterprise Plus, allowing business sponsors, group leaders and human capital professionals to digitally motivate employees, incentivize customers, drive engagement, and measure and provide insight across the board. Badgeville’s Enterprise Plus is a layered technology platform that produces long-lasting outcomes and widespread impact.  The platform can be managed with the click of a button – work you would otherwise have to do through custom coding and development if you built it yourself. MotivationMetrics™ is a valuable addition to the platform with actionable insights that stem from the data and activities generated on top of Badgeville Enterprise Plus platform. Program managers are able to access MotivationMetrics™ directly from the Badgeville Admin Console. Analytics are visualized through Tableau, the market leader in business intelligence. The Badgeville Services team is also available to produce high-quality, in-depth custom reports and visualizations for your organization.

A Best In-Class Engagement Analytics solution includes:

  • Built-in, constantly expanding library of pre-built reports and visualizations around adoption, engagement, achievements, program activities, participant rankings, and much more. in order to provide insight into a variety of use cases and program maturity levels.
  • Access to advanced analytics capabilities, such as cohort analysis, heat maps, trend analysis and segmentation, which offers significant analysis of your engagement program.
  • Actionable analytics, enabling you to see, track and analyze game dynamics, including users, use, engagement, and success metrics. Analytics equip business managers to evolve their programs with a feedback loop that indicates the progression towards business goals.
  • Data import and export tools, so you can combine data across systems in order to gain understanding and correlate data across business silos.
  • The ability to export visualizations and insights in a CSV or image format so you can share with interested team members or managers.
  • Scalability and security to record and reward billions of user activities per month.


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MotivateOne™ Data Service

MotivateOne™ Data Service

If you already have a dedicated data team, Badgeville can also ensure that you get the data into the hands of the people who need it. The MotivateOne™ Data Service offers scheduled, daily exports of raw engagement program data over SFTP. The Badgeville data team will work with you so that you always get your data, safely and securely. If you have other data sets from other applications, you can blend your Badgeville data set with it, or you can work with our data team to do so within MotivationMetrics™. By combining data sets with Badgeville’s MotivationMetrics™, you can blend data across systems to gain greater insight into businesses processes and activities.

Big Data Infrastructure

MotivationMetrics™ can scale to handle millions of participants or activities, and is built on a robust backend with technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and Impala. Your data is secure and accessible 24/7. Badgeville successfully completed the SOC 2 Type 2 audit, verifying Badgeville meets the highest industry standards for security, transactional integrity, data protection, availability, and confidentiality. No matter the size of your program, MotivationMetrics™ can provide insight across massive amounts of data.

Soc2 Type2 Certified

Personalize the Delivery of Benchmarked Performance with EngageKPI™

Digitally Motivate through a Culture of Data

EngageKPI™ is a brand new service that automates the delivery of performance data and engagement events to people. It augments MotivationMetrics™, demonstrates ROI and showcase organizational performance.

The EngageKPI scheduled event and data service delivers two key enhancements:

  • Personalized analytics to program sponsors and organizational managers
  • Engagement events to individual program participants

The analytics are designed to deliver insights and show where customers, employees, and partners are engaging and how well they are performing. These updates allow customers to develop or change engagement strategies and improve and achieve business outcomes. By externalizing engagement events, digital motivation is extended beyond the application to ensure continued success and change.

EngageKPI Overview

EngageKPI - product

Empower Motivation and Measurement

EngageKPI automatically delivers program updates to LOB business managers and program owners. Program updates are designed around top informational requests and can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly based on the customers’ choice. Badgeville customer Melbourne Storm uses analytics to understand whom their advocates are, where to find them, and how to get more. Using Badgeville, they saw a 40% growth from last year in average spend per user and a 91% growth in average pregame spend.

Identify and Recognize Talent and Performance

EngageKPI automatically delivers management snapshots. These are designed for the organizational leadership and provide weekly insights into top behaviors and personnel in the program. Badgeville customer CDW uses analytics to identify areas of sales training success and improvement within their sales organization. At CDW, the Badgeville solution drove a 56% increase in training completions per seller, resulting in a 10% boost in sales confidence.

Now with EngageKPI, program owners and management receive a reputation score for each employee and partner. The reputation score represents user account recency and frequency of collaboration, customer response, sales activity, and other behaviors critical to success, creating a digital benchmark for success.

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