Integration Catalog

While Badgeville's APIs empower you to integrate with virtually any site or application, the Integration Catalogue provides a fast path to facilitate connectivity between The Behavior Platform and popular applications in your technology portfolio. In doing so, you can maximize the customer and employee engagement you need to achieve the ROI you require from those critical investments. 

The Badgeville Integration Catalogue has three offering types that help you embed game, reputation and social mechanics throughout your ecosystem of websites and enterprise applications.

The Integration Catalog offers:

  • Connectors: These install Badgeville within popular enterprise apps, and allow you to build any Engagement Mechanic leveraging the full toolset of The Behavior Platform. 
  • Toolkits: Wrapping Badgeville APIs into the common language of your application, you can easily deploy Badgeville Engagement Mechanics across your community site, mobile or enterprise application. 
  • Blueprints: These how-to guides walk your team through step-by-step what's required to connect The Behavior Platform with popular digital touchpoints.

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