Badgeville’s Reputation Center

All of your earned reputation in one place.

Badgeville Digital Reputation

We all want to be recognized for what we do.  Digital reputation is a new concept that Badgeville is pioneering.  Reputation as a motivator not only lasts, it is often the only thing that motivates. For example, people may not see how taking a class or gaining a certification will help them.  When they look at it from the point of building their reputation, their view changes. Digital reputation is the public, persistent display of expertise and accumulated rewards an individual user receives from applications that Badgeville gamifies.

Reputation Center

Now, in a single view, the Reputation Center displays all learning activity and accomplishments for an individual. You can see all the certifications, classes, and expertise levels a person has earned.  As a result, system level activity and attainment translates into individual value and reputation.  The Reputation Center adds to gamified learning and productivity because it taps into a powerful intrinsic motivator– individual brand or reputation. In addition, the engine behind the Reputation Center supports multiple paths to recognition. For example, some becoming an expert in Data science will have a different path from someone who will be an expert in facilitating discussions or field negotiations.