Badgeville Enterprise Plus Gamification

Badgeville Enterprise Plus Takes
Digital Motivation to the Next Level

Badgeville Enterprise Plus has layered engines that achieve lasting outcomes with widespread impact.

Badgeville Enterprise Plus

Badgeville Enterprise Plus is a multi-level digital motivation platform. Digital motivation is real-time, system relevant, direct and positive reinforcement of critical behaviors necessary to business success.

Badgeville Enterprise Plus provides the industry’s most robust, most effective, enterprise gamification engine and combines that with rich visualizations, deep analytics and a robust infrastructure.  The platform supports a wide range of enterprise applications, including community, collaboration, automated workflow systems, learning and development platforms, automated human capital management and more.  The platform’s unique capabilities enable companies to reward the broadest range of behaviors, recognize social activities, operationalize analytics and digital reputation.

Rules Engine

The Rules Engine rewards particular behaviors at a single point in time, and makes it possible to tie contextual and audience metadata to specific behaviors. With the Rules Engine, it is possible to define multiple, complex behaviors.

Many solutions only offer single trigger, simple-badging as a solution. Because of the sophistication of Badgeville’s Rules Engine and its ability to hook into workflow engines, Badgeville can reward sophisticated behaviors that you want to drive on your application. Badgeville also has the ability to reach outside the supported platform to combine external events with on-system actions to provide richer rewards and feedback to the audience.



Engagement Engine

The Engagement Engine drives engagement at multiple levels, whether at the group, system or enterprise level. The Engagement Engine matches the best rewards to behaviors to improve engagement.  The Engagement Engine also tracks engagement over time, for example a customer’s or employee’s repeat visits to the site. Badgeville also tracks user level activities so companies know how many times a person made a comment, post, or share.

Guided Experience

Driving the employee and customer journey requires a clear path. Guided Experience gives a series of tasks needed to accomplish a specific business objective. The experience is guided because “missions” and “tracks” can be tailored to particular objectives such as “Expertise,” or “Certification,” “Training,” or “Compliance.” This Guided Experience can be for employees, customers, managers, or leadership.  Instead of just rewarding single behaviors, the Guided Experience is about progression. Badgeville visually shows people what they need to do next, and intelligently prioritizes the things people need to do.



Advocacy Engine

The Advocacy Engine is a social reward engine that rewards people based on the comments, blogs, posts, etc. they share though their social networks. This ignites employee, customer, and partner advocates, leveraging the power of social advocacy, and grow brand advocacy.  Today, advocacy is a critical component in how people buy. People trust experts, trust drives influence, and influence drives purchasing decisions.

With Badgeville, you can reward posting and sharing on Facebook and Twitter, even reward the use of chosen hashtags.  If you run a customer community, for example, imagine the value of customers sharing their positive experiences via their personal social network. This would encourage customers to seek answers on your community portal, both building brand reputation and influencing purchasing decisions.

Impact Engine

The Impact Engine rewards the positive effect members have on others. Badgeville goes beyond rewarding for activities. It rewards people for the impact those activities have had on others. In a program promoting collaboration, the value of a blog post is realized when someone else shares it or comments on it because it was useful. Badgeville enables companies to focus on the impact their users make, leading to increased brand reputation. This engine helps organizations share accomplishments that positively impact the organizations and keep the focus on intrinsic motivation.



Reputation Engine

The Reputation Engine tracks and recognizes all program activity and accomplishments for individual audience members, which translates into individual value and reputation. Together with new external visualizations (Reputation Center), Badgeville now showcases individual accomplishments, milestones, and achievements.  The Reputation Engine focuses on building individual brand, an intrinsic motivator that pushes individuals to achieve more.

For example, in Learning Development or Compliance use cases, people don’t see how the taking a class will help them.  When they look at it from the point of building their reputation, or a persistent record of their expertise and accomplishments, their view changes. In addition, the Reputation Engine supports multiple paths to recognition. For example, a user becoming an “Expert in Data Science,” will have a different path from someone who will be an “Expert in Facilitating Discussions,” or “Expert in Field Negotiations.”  The Reputation Engine has the flexibility to address multiple paths to recognition while providing a persistent record of accomplishments for the individual.

Behavior Library

With over 300 deployments, Badgeville has compiled thousands of common behaviors, readily available with the click of a button. Badgeville customers leverage these best practices to accelerate the deployment of their programs now and in the future.



Integrated Gamification

Badgeville’s pre-built application connectors, blueprints and robust API enable rapid integration and gamification of common applications.  Users see gamification results immediately in the applications they use daily.

Benefits include:

  • Rapid implementation of gamification program
  • Seamless, gamified in-application experiences


Application Connectivity

Streamline your gamification deployment with award winning application connectors, blueprints, and API.


TrustIQ Gamification

Ensures game quality by enforcing the highest level of security, availability and assurance, tracing of API calls and administrative actions, and role-based security.