Badgeville for Oracle Applications

Badgeville, The Behavior Platform, provides gamification solutions for dozens of Oracle applications, including:

  • Oracle HCM
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Oracle Siebel CRM
  • Oracle Health Sciences
  • Oracle Communications

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Badgeville for Oracle empowers world-class companies to track, measure and influence user behaviors that enhance employee performance and maximize the ROI derived from their enterprise investments. Whether it’s recognizing users for utilizing your CRM system or getting employees to share their expertise in your HCM, Badgeville’s Behavior Platform provides a full suite of Engagement Mechanics to motivate your Oracle users and rich Behavior Analytics to analyze their success.

Feature Box

  • Game Mechanics - Recognize your users and incent the right behaviors leveraging features such as Points, Achievements, Advanced Rewards and Missions.
  • Reputation Mechanics - Elevate user status with Levels, Tracks and Leaderboards that showcase high-performing users.
  • Social Mechanics - Connect users with relevant people, content and actions.
  • Behavior Analytics - Analyze user engagement, retention and interactions with key business processes.