Case Study

: sneakpeeq

"Badgeville has enabled us to engage our customers more in ways beyond just looking at a product and buying it. One of the main reasons we selected Badgeville to power our advanced gamification experience was that no other vendor had the same robust, granular capabilities to configure and reward user behaviors."

Neil Gandhi
Senior Software Engineer, sneakpeeq

sneakpeeq is a new kind of e-commerce site that's redefining the way people shop and discover emerging brands and products. Instead of relying on flash selling, it curates local and regional boutiques and personalizes pricing based on site engagement. However, sneakpeeq faced a challenge common to many retailers today: with the current trend of daily deal sites and instant search, customers are fleeing faster than ever before to competitor websites. Sneakpeeq wanted a way to attract loyal customers who would stay engaged with the brand for the long-term. 

How We Did It

sneakpeeq chose The Behavior Platform by Badgeville to deploy smart gamification across its site. By rewarding users for engaging with different elements of the website, sneakpeeq was able to drive the behaviors that advanced users along the purchase path including Liking, Sharing, and Peeqing at personalized prices.

Business Results

Higher engagement along the customer journey resulted in greater social distribution, more buy clicks, and overal higher conversions.


Social Shares


Higher Month-over-month Conversions


More Buy-Clicks

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