Case Study

: Deloitte

"If you can gamify the process, you are rewarding the behavior and it's like a dopamine release in the brain. Humans like a game."

Frank Farrall
Lead Partner, Deloitte Digital

Gamification for Executive Training

Deloitte Leadership Academy offers extensive online coursework for a variety of consulting practice topics in hopes of making training more accessible for employees. 

The challenge was getting both Deloitte employees and client companies to log on, take courses and continue the practice of corporate training despite their busy work schedules.

How We Did It

With Badgeville Game Mechanics, Deloitte gave their consultants instant feedback of their progress and guided them along clear learning paths. As consultants completed related coursework, they built up reputation that intrinsically motivated them to continuously engage.

Business Results

With lifts in course completion and regular adherence, Deloitte has improved learning, making it easier to locate and source experts for projects and holistically evaluate employee performance.


Faster Course Completion


Higher Daily Return Rates


Greater Weekly Retention

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