A next generation engagement solution for internal employee and external customer communities.

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It’s what people do in the community that matters…

“With platforms, the assets that are hard to copy are the community and the resources its members own and contribute…. Healthy platforms track the participation of ecosystem members that enhances network effects—activities such as content sharing and repeat visits.” (Harvard Business Review)

Why CommunityFirst™?

Companies have invested $billions in social enterprise and external community platforms to bring the promise of faster, more interactive and richer communication with all stakeholders. Whether the goal is to facilitate employee collaboration, engender customer self-service, or promote exchange between the company and its constituents, organizations that use these platforms struggle to keep their customers, partners and employees contributing, participating and engaged.


Gartner has reported that nearly 72 percent of customers never log in to online communities! Social enterprise and external community platforms don’t include Digital Recognition by design. Some have limited or simple Gamification mechanisms but none have the behavior recognition, layered reward and experience pathways capable through the Badgeville platform. Badgeville combines the its industry leading Digital Motivation Platform with its MotivationMetrics analytics solution to deliver the first true Digital Recognition system. Badgeville packages this solution with a pre-set range of behaviors that customers can reward, see and measure across their community.



What is CommunityFirst™?

Badgeville created CommunityFirst™ to provide customers an easy entry point in the world of Digital Recognition. It’s the ideal solution to encourage employees and customers to participate, curate and contribute in enterprise communities and improve the quality of conversations and interactions. Badgeville’s CommunityFirst allows businesses to deploy quickly on top of any standard enterprise community application, reward targeted behaviors, as well as see and measure results across deployments. Badgeville recognizes that companies often start their Digital Motivation journey by trying to improve engagement on enterprise communities. We packed our best knowledge and learning in CommunityFirst to help our customers get there fast.

Platform Features

CommunityFirst is a Pre-Packaged Solution for Internal or External Enterprise Communities. Key elements of the solution include:

  • Total Platform Coverage: Easily compatible with the most popular enterprise community and social collaboration platforms like IBM Connections, Jive, Lithium, Yammer, and SharePoint
  • Best-Practice Behaviors: Drive the best-practice community actions across your employees and customers
  • Talent Pathways: Drive adoption, build reputation, and recognize expertise.
  • In-Application Visualizations: Proven motivational mechanics to deliver instant reward and recognition.
  • MotivationMetrics: Self-Service Analytics Portal with custom-community based reports. Includes full inbound/outbound data capabilities.
  • Out-of-the-Box Setup: Standard configuration for community use cases including Social Enterprise, Conversation Starter, Forum Expert and Content Creator/Curation.
  • Immediate Deployment: Quick initial deployment, immediate results.


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