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How to Build a Culture of Analytics

Employee Motivation and How to Build a Culture of Analytics As organizations prepare themselves for the digital tsunami, they are finding they need to change the culture of their organizations. They understand that to improve employee performance and generate better results across the organization, they’ll have to track and improve engagement. The right approach can…

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Turning Sales Enablement into Sales Success

Turning Sales Enablement into Sales Success How do you ensure your sales and channel enablement programs are effective? How do you motivate sellers to complete online versus training? Retain that training? Join our hour-long webcast with CDW, a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare in the US and Canada. Hear how they used…

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Addressing the Employee Engagement Crisis

Engaged Employees Drive Results. Addressing the crisis in employee engagement. 63% of global workers are not engaged in the workplace. That represents $500B in lost productivity and higher attrition. HR and line of business teams are looking for new strategies to improve employee engagement and collaboration. Gartner estimates that gamification will soon become the operational improvement strategy of…

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Taking Customer Engagement to the Next Level

An Engaged Customer is a Loyal Customer. Taking Customer Engagement to the Next Level. Forbes reported that 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience. And according to Forrester, a 10% improvement in a company’s customer experience score can translate into more than $1 billion. Hear how innovative online marketing techniques generated 91%…

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The Consumerization of Human Resources: Are You Prepared?

Re-imagine the Workplace. The Consumerization of Human Resources: Are You Prepared? In 2016 companies who adopt strategies to take advantage of the “consumerization of HR,” will accelerate. The “consumerization of HR” is where employees expect an “intelligent, mobile and social experience” at work. Companies are now applying the same philosophy of creating memorable customer experiences…

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Why Digital Motivation in Human Capital Management

If your employees are not engaged, then to them this is just another job, where they complete tasks until they can go home. With a proper digital motivation solution in place, you are able to measure your employee experience to ensure they are engaged with the work they are doing, and further enhance the customer…

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Driving Innovation Across the Enterprise

At the forefront of driving innovation across the company and for their customers, Booz Allen Hamilton understands what it takes to launch such a large initiative. In this webinar, Badgeville was joined by guests from Booz Allen Hamilton and discussed the following areas: How gamification can drive innovation across the enterprise Lessons learned from using…

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Enterprise Gamification Best Practices: What to do and What to Avoid

Join us in a webcast series on Enterprise Gamification Deployments and the Future of Work! In this webinar featuring Steve Sims, Chief Design Officer at Badgeville, you’ll hear about: What to look for in an enterprise ready gamification solution Design best practices to promote desired behavior and prevent “gaming” the system Customer examples of gamification…

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Expert Summer Series: The Future of Work

Badgeville’s VP of marketing will be joined by Jeanne Meister, who is a partner of the Future Workplace and author of the book “2020 Workplace.” Jeanne will be covering topics such as top trends of the future workplace, how gamification might tie into it and answer related questions in the live Q&A chat.

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