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Gamification for Employee Success Preview

Ebook – Gamification for Employee Success

Calculating Your Employment Engagement ROI Extensive research has shown that highly engaged employees lead to higher business results. At the same time, disengaged employees cost companies billions in lost productivity. Savings areas discussed in this ebook: Increasing Productivity Reducing Absenteeism Accelerating Learning and Development …more! For details on how customers have benefited from gamification, download…

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Ebook – Digital Motivation for Customer Engagement

ROI and Case Studies eBook Learn how customer communities can impact your bottom line. In this eBook you’ll see how a number companies have used Badgeville to meet their business goals — and fundamentally change how they engaged their customers for mutual success.

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Ebook – Harnessing Human Potential

How does collaboration impact the bottom line? Learn how Enterprise Gamification can unlock employees’ potential. By motivating people to socially collaborate and keep them continuously engaged, Badgeville has proven to increase employee engagement well over 20%.  Download this FREE ebook to learn how our customers: Increased their employee engagement and knowledge sharing Promoted innovation and organic growth…

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Whitepaper – The Future of Work: Employee Engagement

The future of work is now. Never before in history, from the industrial revolution to the current digital evolution, have employers faced a larger challenge in recruiting employees quickly and retaining them year after year. This challenge is becoming even more pronounced as we’re seeing a dramatic shift in global workplace demographic. By 2020, millennials…

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Whitepaper – Buying the Badgeville Gamification Solution

When planning a gamification project, many customers evaluate whether to build a custom, in-house solution or find a vendor to meet their needs. Badgeville’s experience with leading enterprise customers indicates that building in-house creates many limitations, and these solutions often fall short of business goals.

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Ebook – Gamification Planning Workbook: Online Communities

When you add gamification, you can increase engagement and drive targeted behaviors within your community. This gamification planning workbook will teach you how! Online communities are powerful. Companies can build brands, increase customer spending, reduce support calls, and much more. If you’re looking to do more with your online community, gamification can be a powerful…

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