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MotivationMetrics™ Whitepaper

Whitepaper – Gain Actionable Insights with Badgeville MotivationMetrics™

As customer and employee engagement programs become more sophisticated, deep and powerful analytics are necessary in order to understand and improve the gains made. Driving motivation and engagement are a greater challenge than ever, but analytics designed for understanding and driving KPIs can make everything more manageable. Table of Contents 1. MotivationMetrics™ 2. Business Impact: Who Cares & Why?…

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Call Center Productivity Whitepaper

Whitepaper – Using Gamification and Digital Motivation to Increase Call Center Productivity

Integrating gamification elements within the existing business processes of call and service centers can not only drastically improve the productivity of employees but also increase call deflection and keep customers engaged with the brand.   Table of Contents 1. Drivers Impacting Call Center Productivity 2. A Different Approach is Needed 3. Elements of a Successful…

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Supercharge Your Sales Team with Digital Motivation

Whitepaper – Supercharge Your Sales Team with Digital Motivation

Sales organizations are particularly susceptible to the dangers of employee disengagement. Despite extraordinary spending on sales-based applications, training and compensation, companies face critical impediments to success in the areas of onboarding, retention, motivation, tool adoption, collaboration and quota achievement. Sales tenure is short, turnover is high, and training is forgotten. Over 50% of sales managers report that their…

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Gamification Buyer's Guide - Building the Business Case

Gamification Buyer’s Guide – Building the Business Case

This guide will help you build the business case for buying a gamification solution. Steps outlined in this guide: Reasons to Avoid Building Your Own Building Cost Overview ROI for Customer Communities ROI for Employee Success

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Gamification Buyers Guide - Steps and Solutions

Gamification Buyer’s Guide – Steps and Solutions

  This guide will help you select a gamification solution faster. Creating a streamlined buying process is critical. A streamlined buying process paves the way and sets the stage for a streamlined deployment. Steps outlined in this guide: Defining decision criteria Identifying the use case(s) Agreeing on the solution checklists

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cultural transformation whitepaper preview

Whitepaper – Culture Transformation

Digital systems are the new sheriff in town The modern enterprise is loaded with complex systems that capture data, drive company and customer interactions, automate workflows, and allow workers to collaborate and socially share information. Systems and activities that were previously off-line are online today, including onboarding, learning and training, performance management, talent development, compliance…

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digital transformation workbook

Workbook – Digital Transformation

Going digital is more than just an App. It’s a way of working. Brick-And-Mortar businesses of all types are embracing digital platforms to make themselves more efficient, adaptable and competitive. These same businesses are recognizing that gamification is a powerful complement to becoming a digital enterprise. Simply put, gamification allows businesses to focus the power…

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badgeville enterprise plus

Whitepaper – Badgeville Enterprise Plus

Badgeville Enterprise Plus At surface level, gamification might seem very simple: users complete actions and earn badges or points. But for gamification to successfully sustain customer and employee engagement, you need to build a program that nurtures long-term audience value over time. It needs to truly engage users and provide relevant intrinsic value, not just…

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Ebook – Cultural Transformation Examples

Case Studies and Examples Rewards and Recognition systems are key elements to driving employee performance. When designed and implemented correctly they can trigger intrinsic motivations driving higher levels of engagement performance. Everyone wins—employees are happier, customers have better customer experience and companies have better performance. Download this ebook to discover examples of gamification to transform…

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