Announcing Our Latest Integration: Badgeville for IBM Connections

Here at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston, I'm happy to announce our latest integration today: Badgeville for IBM Connections. With this connector, customers can layer Badgeville's game mechanics and reputation mechanics on top of the Connections social software suite, and reward valuable user behaviors that drive better engagement and business value.

For this integration, we wanted to focus on rewarding behaviors that supported key business processes that companies are looking to make more collaborative with their Connections' investments -- not just onboarding or learning the software itself.

By leveraging IBM's iWidgets, we're exposing key Badgeville functionality inside Connections, including for Communities, Activity Streams (v4), and Profiles. Badgeville for IBM Connections rewards dozens of high-value user behaviors, including:

  • Create, edit or contribute to a wiki
  • Post or comment on a blog
  • Share or reply to an idea (ideation)
  • Vote on content
  • Ask & Answer questions

Because Badgeville has the unique ability to map behaviors to specific modules, categories and content, we can reward behaviors in specific Connections Communities. For example, you could give users 20 Points every time they contribute to a wiki in Support, or 10 points every time they read a blog post in Sales. As people perform these behaviors and earn points, more significantly they reach different Levels of expertise.

The Reputation associated with those levels is portable across all the communities you engage with inside Connections. So if you become a Level 5 Product Expert, you could also become a Level 2 Support specialist for your contributions in the support wiki as an example.

But portable reputation doesn't stop there. Because Badgeville has architected our platform on modern web standards from the beginning, we make it easy for users to carry that rank & reputation with them to other applications, such as CRM, learning management and content management systems.

Gamifying social software has been a critical part of our partner & integration ecosystem. While companies drown in e-mail and antiquated ways of doing work, it's not enough to just provide tools that encourage knowledge sharing and improve transparency. Companies must drive important behavior change amongst their employees and reward them for engaging with new platforms like Connections.


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