Introducing Tony Nemelka, VP, Business Development

I'm honored to announce that Tony Nemelka recently joined Badgeville's executive team as Vice President of Business Development. We are thrilled to have him on board to lead our fast-growing partner program and as the newest member of our executive team.

Nemelka is a seasoned business executive, having held leadership roles in numerous Fortune 1000 enterprises and startups. In his most recent role as Interim CMO at YouSendIt, he was responsible for the launch of the company's new enterprise document collaboration line. Previous to YouSendIt he completed strategic management consulting engagements at several Silicon Valley technology companies including Socialtext (where he served as Interim COO), and Teleplace (where he served as Interim CEO). Previously, Nemelka served as co-founder and CEO of Helpstream, Vice President of Asia Pacific region at Adobe Systems, co-founder and CEO of Epiphany Japan, President and General Manager of PeopleSoft Japan, and spent over a decade in senior marketing roles at IBM.

While Nemelka has been quite busy since his first day at Badgeville, we were able to sit down this week for a conversation around why he joined Badgeville and what he hopes to accomplish here.

Q: Why did you decide to join the Badgeville team to lead business development?

A: What Badgeville does -- in the Behavior Platform -- creates and proves the "R" in Social ROI. And it touches absolutely everything companies do both internally (around productivity and performance) and externally (around driving top line growth.)

Q: What experiences from your past are most relevant to your new role?

A: My career has been centered on helping enterprises leverage technology to re-engineer processes for improved performance. Whether as a marketer, financial analyst, sales rep, GM, CMO, COO, or CEO, that's what I've been focused on creating value in this context, and that's exactly what we do. The difference with engagement mechanics is that we're fusing technology with people rather than replacing people--and that's very exciting.

Q: When was the first time in your career you encountered gamification?

A: Early on my career, I was a sales rep for IBM assigned to First Enterprise Bank (bought by Wells later on), and we were designing a Teller system that was capturing and presenting client value "scores" to tellers and using game mechanics to incent and compare Teller effectiveness in serving high value clients. That was back in 1989, well before the rise of social gaming and today's interest in enterprise gamification.

Q: While business has evolved over the years to become more social and collaborative, what is still missing that you're looking to help evolve?

A: I'm still waiting to see a comprehensive mindset change in the new value of customer and employee relationships, and how to nurture that value. The ROI equation for companies for technology investment since the beginning of time has always be driven by their ability to reduce headcount. We've driven out all the people we can. Some would answer that we've gone too far and have lost the ability to have a relationship with the customer. Social Business inserts people back into over-automated processes. But to embraced widely, companies need to stop thinking about automating people out of processes and start thinking about how to automate them into processes. The beauty is that engagement mechanics cross the bridge between the conceptualizers who have been quick to embrace social and the builders who need to actually make it work and prove it adds value.

If you are interested in learning more about our partnership program and speaking with Nemelka, contact us here.

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