10 Gamification Predictions for 2012

In 2011, "gamification" grew from what many considered a funny-sounding word to a significant and sustainable business strategy. Now top analysts and business leaders are predicting gamification to be one of the top trends of 2012, and for good reason. As the gold standard for gamification and reputation programs, it has been quite a remarkable year for Badgeville, following our launch in the fall of 2010. Along with the rise of gamification, we have grown from just 4 employees in 2010 to 50 at the end of 2011, and our client roster now includes over 100 global businesses, and we are supporting over 1 Billion API calls per month.

Next year, gamification will undoubtedly be one of the largest trends for the enterprise. My predictions for what that means in the coming year are as follows:

  1. Gamification Grows Up
    The gamification industry went through its adolescent phase in 2011, as businesses, analysts and press started to take notice of its growth. Like any adolescence, this phase was filled with some awkward misunderstandings, but now business leaders understand the true value of gamification for their key objectives. In 2012 gamification will be an expected part of our digital experiences.
  2. Focus on Business Results
    Gamification is no longer about adding a few points and badges to a site or rewarding users for short-term engagement. It is about viable and sustainable business results, using proven techniques to influence customer and employee behavior. We will see a rise in expectation for gamification ROI to be proven by real business results.
  3. Gamification Spreads Across All Industries
    From healthcare to IT, gamification techniques will be prominently used to drive user behavior. Some key growth industries for consumer experiences in 2012 will be retail & eCommerce, technology, telco, health, education, media, travel, and online communities.
  4. User Reputation Across All Digital Touchpoints
    Reputation and rank systems, part of the gamification umbrella, will become increasingly important in gamification programs. User reputation, focused on rewarding behavior taken on your branded experiences, will need to be portable across all of your online experiences, whether a user is interacting with a product review system, your separate customer community, your mobile app, or any other experience you present to your users.
  5. Training Compliance gets Gamified
    Internally, enterprises will use increasingly sophisticated gamification techniques to monitor and reward employees who go through corporate training programs and update their certifications. 2012 will be a large growth year for internal enterprise use cases for gamification.


  6. Employee Recognition also gets Gamified
    In addition to training compliance, enterprises will focus on providing a way to reward their employees for a variety of desirable behaviors, including helping achieve sales, product, and other relevant goals, participating in social programs, and being advocates for the company's brand.
  7. Gamification Gets Social
    Experiences designed to reward user behavior will require an addition of or integration with a real-time, social experience in order to drive the highest business results for companies. Gamification will be thought of as an extension of social experiences (extending these experiences from Facebook and other social sites to every brand's web and mobile presence), versus a separate technique for driving behaviors without the context of a social network.
  8. Gamification Consulting is a Big Business
    Agencies and individuals will seek to differentiate themselves as experts in gamification consulting independent of software services. Business executives will seek out consulting services to understand their options to gamify programs, and those who have already established themselves as leaders in the field, such as Amy Jo Kim, Gabe Zichermann, Jane McGonigal, and others, will see an influx of inquiries regarding how to gamify various experiences.


  9. The Analytics Industry is Disrupted by Gamification
    People who focus on understanding data for a living will take note of the rapid advances occurring in behavior-based analytics. Businesses will expect metrics to measure not just page views, traffic, and uniques, but to provide much richer insight based on individual users, user types by behavior data, and specific behaviors tied to key business objectives.
  10. Badgeville will continue its reign as the leader in gamification
    With the most powerful and flexible platform to measure and influence behavior, Badgeville will remain the gold standard for gamification. Businesses that want long-term, meaningful behavior change across their online audiences will continue to rely on our Behavior Platform to support their sophisticated gamification, reputation, and social networking programs.

From the Badgeville team, Happy New Years to our customers and friends! We all look forward to 2012: the year of gamification!

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