The Difference Little Changes in Behavior Can Make for Your Business

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." -Lao Tzu

Last week, I spoke at a management training event. One of the talks that I give is about the huge difference that little things, done consistently, can make.

The talk, starts with me putting the following numbers on a white board:

6.6                                          916

68.86                                     70.95

1                                              100

I then ask the people in the room to suggest what the numbers mean.  I get a number of answers, but then I add the following:

6.6                                           916

68.86                3%                70.95

1                                              100

This of course, drives a bunch more discussion. Then I add:

$6.6M            720%              $916K

68.86                3%                70.95

1                                              100

The numbers are starting to make sense. There is one number that is 720% higher than the other and there is a number that is 3% lower than the other.

Finally, I add a little more context:

$6.6M            720%             $916K

68.86                3%               70.95

1                                             100

Luke Donald                        Marc Lieshman

Luke Donald is the number one golfer in the world and this past season he made $6.6M. Marc Lieshman is the number 100 golfer in the world and last season he made $916K.

Luke Donald's scoring average was 68.86 per round, only 3% better than Marc Lieshman's 70.95. Just 3% better, but that 3% makes him an additional $5.7M a year.

Little changes are the core of what we do at Badgeville. We recognize that we aren't going to make 100% of your user community all of a sudden become your best customers overnight. No one can do that.

We are confident and we've proven, though, that we can make a bunch of small changes, consistently, that add up to large changes for your business over time.

Our customers have reported fantastic uptick in the types of behaviors that they are looking to drive. Sometimes as much as 200% - 300% increases. Sometimes as "little" as 10%, but 10% adds up fast when you're talking about growing paid conversions.

Social rewards, loyalty and reputation are great ways to drive serious business results. 200% - 300% might be an outlier, but I'm confident that we can help you and your business drive significant, positive changes that have serious ramifications for your business.

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