Business Success
Through Gamification

Drive Sales & Service Performance,
Employee Training and Customer Engagement

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When customers search online to find answers about your product or service, are they able to find the right experts? Badgeville's solution builds profiles of your customer experts - their knowledge levels, expertise areas, ratings and reputations. Now you can build customer experts who save you from costly support calls.

Are your sales and support employees domain experts who are fully equipped to represent your products and services? Badgeville's solution provides the extra motivation needed to boost the learning path, while rewarding learning achievements along the way.

Your employees are your greatest source of knowledge and ideation. You've invested in an employee community to drive collaboration, but employees aren't participating. Badgeville's solution drives engagement in online communities so questions, answers, content and activity flow.

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Watch: How to Measure Success with Gamification
Join host Laura Lilyquist, VP of Marketing, and Lindsay Brothers, Product Manager at Badgeville, for part three in our series on business gamification. This session will include an exciting discussion on how to measure and analyze the success of your gamification program, and will look at real business goals and results achieved.
Learn how to:
  • Set up up the right metrics to measure
  • Set up timeframes and actions to evaluate
  • Evaluate whether your goals have been met
  • Evolve your program going forward