Game Mechanic: Points

Game Mechanic: Points

Pacman gobbling for points.
Type Progression
Boosts Engagement, Loyalty, Influence, Time Spent, Virality, Fun, UGC
Personality Type(s) Gamification-Diamond.pngAchievers, Gamification-Spade.jpgExplorers,
See Also Levels, Achievements, Balance
Points are a running numerical value given for any single action or combination of actions. +1 Knowledge of Points!


Traditional Gaming

Pacman! Every pellet earns the player points. Every time Pacman eats a ghost he earns more points. Points can be weighted for specific activities to drive users towards desired activities. This is why players are motivated to eat the ghosts in Pacman, they earn substantially more points by eating ghosts than merely eating pellets.


Points can drive users to participate in activities. Weighting points (giving more or less) around specific activities can motivate players to participate in those activities if players have been given a reason to care about points through the Gamification Process.

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