Gamification Definition

Gamification Definitions


Noun; Gamification - gam(e) + -ification. Verb; gamify gerund: gamifying. The earliest traces of the usage of the word go back to March 2004, but it did not become popularly used until later in 2010.


Gamification has been defined in a number of different ways.

The Gamification Wiki defines Gamification as the infusion of game design techniques, game mechanics, and/or game style into anything. This definition is purposely broad to support the many uses of the word.

Others have defined Gamification as the use of game design techniques and game mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences.

Examples of term usage:

  • "We used Gamification to make our product more fun!"
  • "Health Month is the Gamification of Weight Loss."
  • "Gamification is one of the most important trends of our generation."

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