Behavior Platform

Behavior Platform Overview

What is The Behavior Platform?  The Behavior Platform empowers you to build more personalized, rewarding experiences for your customers and employees on top of your websites, enterprise applications, social networks, and communities. Named as the best platform as a service in 2013 by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), The Behavior Platform helps you create a comprehensive program for user engagement that increases customer loyalty and enhances employee performance. 
How it works? The world’s leading gamification offering, The Behavior Platform is a cloud-based tool that enables you to measure, analyze, and recognize user behaviors across your digital ecosystem - all from one unified interface. With the flexibility to make real-time updates, you can iterate and optimize your engagement program in real-time without any coding necessary, enabling you to adapt to new business challenges instantly. 
Why The Behavior Platform?
  • More Depth to Deliver Longterm Value. The Behavior Platform goes beyond rudimentary point, badge and leaderboard systems by providing a sophisticated suite of Engagement Mechanics to influence user behaviors at every stage of their journeys. With rich personalization features, you can tailor rewards to each and every user. 
  • More Breadth to Support Wall-to-Wall Engagement. The Behavior Platform is the only gamification offering that lets you securely manage engagement across all your websites and applications from one unified interface.
  • More Flexibility for Rapid Iteration. You can modify and update your gamification and engagement program in real-time, ensuring you provide rich user interactions all day, every day.
  • More Enterprise- Grade. The Behavior Platform runs on a private cloud and database, and is SOC2 and SafeHarbor Certified. Processing millions of user behaviors a day, it’s the most performant, trusted enterprise gamification product. 

The Behavior Platform is the world's leading gamification technology.

What Does the Behavior Platform Do?

Game Mechanics
Recognize your customers and employees for engaging with products or executing a business process.
Reputation Mechanics
Showcase the status, rank and expertise of your customers and employees across your digital assets and enterprise apps.
Social Mechanics
Connect users with relevant people, content and processes wherever they go.
Behavior Analytics
Measure user engagement with specific products, content and processes, and tweak your engagement mechanics accordingly.

How Do You Connect The Behavior Platform to Your Sites and Apps?

The Behavior Platform Admin Console
With a simple, but powerful, user interface, your team can identify and manage user behaviors you want to influence. Then, build out a full suite of game, reputation and social mechanics, and apply them to your digital assets in real-time.
Badgeville APIs and Developer Tools
The Behavior Platform features rich REST APIs to facilitate fast, secure integration with your site, community or application. The JavaScript SDK features a one-to-one mapping with the Badgeville REST APIs, empowering developers to build beautiful visualizations.
Behavior Data
Measure how well your program resonates with end users, and modify your game, reputation and social mechanics in response to new engagement challenges.