Case Study


"With Badgeville, we went from signing a contract to being 'Live' in about six weeks. It was very fast for a company of our size. In addition to offering a flexible platform that was malleable to our needs, we found that Badgeville was incredibly consultative in the process. We felt that we had an expert with regard to how to leverage gaming theory to drive community behavior and engagement."

Todd Forsythe
VP of Global Marketing, EMC

At the leading edge of social software adoption, EMC launched the EMC Community Network (ECN), a Jive-based online community of 240,000 customers, partners and employees in 2009. Despite great interactive features like discussions, polls, and content, adoption wasn't what EMC had hoped. They saw an opportunity to create a virtuous cycle of sustained engagement by getting members to start contributing. 

How We Did It

EMC leveraged Badgeville to build RAMP -- the Recognition, Awards & Motivation Program. With Badgeville's robust Mechanics, EMC could drive, influence, and reward the contributive and consumptive behaviors that would entice new members and keep old ones coming back to maintain their expertise and status.

Business Results

EMC found that higher engagement - customers and partners learning about products and collaborating - directly correlated to higher ARPU.


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