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Badgeville for Jive Software offers a native gamification experience for Jive community spaces. Increase engagement in your customer and employee communities with minimal internal resources and quick deployment times using the Badgeville Jive Configurator.

Badgeville for Sharepoint is the world's first solution to use gamification to drive user engagement in Sharepoint. Ensure that your investment in Sharepoint 2013 in maximized by driving targeted business behaviors. The Badgeville Sharepoint Configurator is designed to minimize resources and speed deployment times. 

Badgeville for Yammer publishes and rewards key behaviors right in the Yammer activity stream. Motivate your Yammer users to collaborate while increasing employee satisfaction and knowledge sharing. The Badgeville Yammer Configurator is designed to help customers deploy with minimal resources and time.

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Badgeville Adds Gamification to Yammer Enterprise Deployments
Badgeville, the global leader in business gamification, today announced the launch of Badgeville for Yammer, the next version of its product to add game, reputation, and social mechanics to Yammer Enterprise deployments. The new Badgeville for Yammer is designed to quickly and easily integrate Badgeville's award-winning gamification technology with Yammer and is now available in the Yammer App Directory.